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Molecular Hydrogen - Progress

It began in winter 2019. I was on antibiotics repeatedly, and Gabapentin following Shingles. Then IgG, CKD, and COVID-19 struck me down, and by mid-2022 I lost my full-time work contract to chronic illness.

Prior to the above, I was healthy... walking daily, exercising, golfing, etc.

Here you will learn how molecular hydrogen helps keep many of my 75 symptoms at bay.

First of all, what is Molecular Hydrogen?

Give YOUR body healing power

Molecular Hydrogen 

The SMALLEST molecule in existence. It can pass through the cell membrane and blood brain barrier (BBB) to clear out inflammation and free radical damage—where other antioxidants can't reach.

Health professionals use H2 as a powerful antioxidant and to fight inflammation. Studies indicate therapeutic benefits to essentially every organ and system in the body.

Wishing you good health and well-being!

LOCK'D IN #LOCKDIN #hydrogenwater https://bit.ly/3uztxch

My initial response to molecular hydrogen

Jan/Feb 2020 Vertigo and a handful of other symptoms surfaced along with Covid-19. I was finally diagnosed early 2023 with Chronic Kidney Disease, Long Covid, and Immunoglobulin Deficiency (IgG, autoimmune disease) within 6 weeks of one another. It was a long gruelling 3 years.

Vertigo (one of my 75 symptoms) reared its ugly head several times a day while reading, or doing anything that required focus. I would often drift off while typing on my tablet, or listening to hold music on my mobile phone, and a few times while preparing dinner. Scary. The little things I took for-granted were now impossible most days. Pneumonia and other followed with Covid-19 and a Cytokine Storm as in My Story.

The COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the novel coronavirus "se­vere acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2" (SARS-CoV-2), began as an outbreak of pneumonia in December 2019. By March 2020, the World Health Organization had declared it a global pandemic [1]. The implications have been profound, re­sulting in substantial life loss and significant economic crises worldwide. Source: PubMed 

May-2023 - ordered a few bottles of molecular hydrogen tablets from various online suppliers. They all had the same molecular hydrogen ppm content and ingredients, but prices and delivery fees varied a lot.

After the first 30 minutes I felt a little different, but couldn't quite put my finger on it. Continued with 2 glasses of hydrogen water twice daily. The results were more positive than I expected.

Three weeks later I was not quite as exhausted most days, and there were other improvements—Vertigo disappeared completely—one of the most disabling symptoms. It would strike without warning several times throughout the day, which meant I was bedridden for hours at a time, and could not do much of anything. There were several other improvements—detailed list below.

Now my body craves hydrogen water first thing every morning.

I love it. My body loves it.

I feel more energized—even though I'm still battling end-stage kidney failure, immunoglobulin deficiency, and long covid.

Within minutes after drinking a glass of hydrogen water, a feeling of well-being washes over me. It's like I can feel it working, and my immune system is becoming stronger again.

LOCK'D IN #LOCKDIN #hydrogenwater https://bit.ly/3uztxch

My Other Improvements

    Experimented with various brands with the following improvements. Some which may also be partially due to Black Seed as I started both of these supplements within one month of each other.

    • Increased energy
    • Improved sense of well-being—even with long covid (LC), end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) and immunoglobulin deficiency (IgG)
    • More mentally alert
    • Improved focus
    • Reduced inflammation
    • Less soft tissue pain (knees/shoulder from past motor vehicle accident)
    • Improved digestion
    • Less bloating
    • Breathing easier
    • Improved oxygen levels
    • Less joint pain (ankles/knees)
    • Complexion is clearer
    • Skin looks and feels healthier

    My Progress

    • Oct-2023 - Nystagmus gone. Caught a flu bug that's going around. Throat like cut glass, fever, chills, headache, nausea. Called my Pharmacist to ask if I can take over-the-counter cold medications—she said everything prescription and over-the-counter will only harm my kidneys further so I should take only Tylenol 500 and drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated.
    • Doubled up on daily molecular hydrogen gas on inhaler, drank 2 litres of filtered water daily, gargled with warm salt water several times daily, zinc lozenges every 6 hours, one Tylenol 500 every 6-8 hours as needed, filled my humidifier with distilled water and organic eucalyptus oil, asthma inhaler (prescribed post-Covid-19), checked blood pressure regularly, and rested.
    • I was told in 2020 that rest with pneumonia is critical for recovery. So as part of my preventative approach, I did everything they did in ER in 2020. Slept for 4 more days pretty much, awaking only for bio breaks, water, fruit, pre-biotic yogurt and sauerkraut, light meals (e.g. soup, unsalted soda crackers).
    • Sore throat is finally gone, sinus congestion reduced to bearable but it had now moved into my lungs. Awoke this morning with chest pains on my left side—not as severe as in 2020 in ER with a Cytokine Storm of Covid-19 symptoms, so I decided to ride it out at home vs. calling an ambulance. I'd rather be at home than sitting in ER for 15-20 hours before even being seen by a doctor in triage.
    • Any movement, sitting, coughing, etc., resulted in minor pain/discomfort in left chest. Increased my daily 1-hour H2 sessions to 3 sessions (morning, afternoon, evening).
    • Also continued to take my daily prescriptions (sodium bicarbonate, blood pressure medication), and vitamins/supplements (including water soluble B12, D3, Omega3, probiotic, black seed oil, etc).
    • Three weeks later, no more chest pain, cold/sinus congestion 90% gone, no fever, no headache, tired but my appetite is returning. Finally whatever that was is now gone, and I'm back to my new normal which is Long Covid, ESRD, and IgG... (no ambulance trip or 15-20 hours waiting in ER etc this time).
    • Nov-2023 - After being on hydrogen water since May, I noticed less improvements. Started 1-hour daily hydrogen gas on inhaler instead.
    • My Creatinine and eGFR have not changed much since I was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease early 2023.
    • Dec-2023 - I began doing two 1-hour sessions on the inhaler daily (one morning and early evening). Curious to see if there is further improvement on my next lab tests (January 2024).

    Studies suggest that H2 water has more impact at a muscular level—and H2 gas is more localized in the organs and brain.

    2024 - Black seed oil and alternating between hydrogen water and gas inhalation

    • Jan-2024 - Modified my daily regimen to include two 1/2 tsp of black seed oil one glass of molecular hydrogen water in the morning, 1-hour on the inhaler later in the day. Improvements in my kidneys would be a major bonus—however, I began taking both of these supplements to reduce my Long Covid symptoms and strengthen my immune system.
    • Jan-14-2014 - Tested positive for Covid (4th time since 2020). Unable to take Covid prescription remedies due to my already very damaged kidneys. So for 3 weeks I continued with my daily health regimen which consists of Enhanced Mitochondria Protocol (a plethora of vitamins and minerals), Black Seed Oil, Molecular Hydrogen, Eucalyptus Essential Oil in my Humidifier/Air Purifier, and lots of rest wherever possible.
    • One symptom it has not helped with is lung capacity—I can still walk only about one minute without Dyspnea (shortness of breath) and needing to sit for a rest. If I push myself, my lower legs begin to hurt and go numb so I cannot walk at all then.
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