Stages of Kidney Disease -

Stages of Kidney Disease

Understanding your results

There are five stages of kidney disease. Your healthcare professional determines your stage of kidney disease based on the amount of kidney damage shown by your eGFR or mGFR. Now that your know your eGFR, find out your kidney disease stage using the table below. 

Stages of Kidney Disease -

Stages of kidney disease

There are five stages of kidney disease. To determine what stage you have, your health care provider performs a blood test to check your glomerular filtration rate (GFR). The GFR measures how much blood the kidneys filter each minute, recorded as milliliters per minute (mL/min). As the GFR declines, so does your kidney function.

When your kidneys no longer work at a level that's necessary to keep you alive, you have end-stage renal disease. End-stage renal disease usually occurs when kidney function is less than 15% of typical kidney function.

As a part of kidney disease staging, your provider also might test whether you have protein in your urine.

Stages of Kidney Disease -


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