Gut Fix

Gut Fix

Discouraged by visit after visit with your doctor about your gut issues, you feel like there is nowhere else to turn.

But you haven’t lost hope and you know that there has to be something out there that is safe and worth trying to help you feel better.

Heidi Moretti, MS., RD., The Healthy RD, gut fix

That’s where the Gut Fix book comes in:

  • You are meant to feel better because the body heals when you give it what it needs.
  • You want to use a natural approach to being free of heartburn and other gut conditions too but don’t know where to start.
Sadly, there are lots of self-help books about fixing your diet for gut health, but it hasn’t been enough to help you completely.

Gut Fix is a refreshing and unique guide that specifically walks you through safe dietary supplements and diet strategies to try when you’ve been cleared to do so by your healthcare provider. This book helps you learn about the proper use of these supplements and how they may help many of the symptoms you may be having.

Heidi Moretti, MS., RD., The Healthy RD, gut fixHeidi Moretti, MS., RD., The Healthy RD — Graduating with a Master’s of Science in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Washington, I am a registered dietitian, or RDN, with a passion for healing and functional nutrition. 

Discover the herbal remedies, diet tips, and supplements clinically shown to heal your gut.

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